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  • SuperMoney Unveils Loan Offer Engine at Finovate Spring 2017

    We were super excited to demo our brand new loan offer engine at the prestigious Finvoate fintech showcase conference in San Jose. Within the personal loan industry alone, there are literally hundreds of lenders to choose from and all of them are different. You can go from lender, to lender, to lender, filling out applications […]

  • Expert Interview with Miron Lulic on Personal Finance Advice for Mint

    This interview was originally published by SuperMoney isn’t your typical personal finance site: With a theme of superheroes and villains, it teaches personal finance in a fun, dynamic way. We spoke with founder Miron Lulic about SuperMoney and personal finance. What brought you to writing about finance? I read some startling facts about how big of […]

  • A Growth Mindset Team: The Secret Formula

    Looking back at my childhood I was often resentful of my mother’s form of praise. I would bring her my graded tests and if I handed her something with a 95% score, she would give me a kiss and say ‘That’s my boy, next time try harder and you’ll get 100%!’. I often thought to […]

  • The Secret To Why Most Endurance Athletes Are Wealthy & Successful

    Endurance athletes earn almost three times as much as the general population. Not 50% more. Not 100% more. Almost 300% more money on average! According to the New York Timesthe average ING New York City Marathon runner’s household income was $130,000. USA Triathlon reports the average triathlete’s household income is $126,000. A 2006 Runner’s World subscriber study […]

  • Home Ownership: Is It Really Worth It?

    Recent Gallup polls show that Americans still believe the best “long-term investment” is real estate. Most Americans rank real estate investment ahead of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other options. This news is somewhat surprising considering the fact that so many Americans lost everything they had in the wake of the recent housing collapse. Could […]

  • How I Raised My First $100K

    I think a lot of would be entrepreneurs have a glorified view of venture capital fundraising. That you come up with a great idea and somehow go into a meeting, pitch, and get a check. It may have very well happened like that at the peak of the dot com boom, but based on our […]